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Product Image Fruitzyme Travel Kit

Fruitzyme Travel Kit

$ 28.00

Dry Skin Travel Kit

A travel-sized system for dry skin types who want to improve moisture levels and prevent the signs of aging. This 5 step regimen helps give your skin the antioxidants, exfoliation, regeneration and protection your skin needs to help improve the look, feel and function of your skin.

  • Fruitzyme Cleanser: Formulated for normal to dry skin, this deep cleansing gel combines soothing shea butter with cranberry and citrus oils for pore-refining and cleansing benefits.
  • Fruitzyme Conditioner: A lactic acid and citrus oil formulation to promote skin hydration, refine the look of the pores and promote optimal barrier function.
  • Advanced Recovery Cream: Formulated with CoQ10, giant knotweed extract, alpha lipoic acid and spin trap to offer optimal protection from daily environmental aggressors and help protect the skin and promote a firmer skin texture. 
  • Dermabuff Crystal Exfoliant: A light exfoliating scrub with microdermabrasion crystal to soften the skin surface and improve product absorption.
  • Sun Protectant Lotion SPF 30: A unique antioxidant and anti-inflammatory formula to keep the skin radiant, prevent redness and discolorations, and protect against UV radiation.