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An elite experience with remarkable results, Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts® ultrasonic technology utilizes non-chemical exfoliation and increased product infusion— via low frequency sound waves in a three stage system—to encourage rejuvenation naturally and beautifully. 


  • Anti-aging, lines, wrinkles and laxity 
  • Dryness, elasticity, healthy skin
  • Acne reduction, extractions, blackhead removal
  • Rosacea and sensitive skin concerns, redness
  • Post-surgical lymphatic drainage



Ultrasonic is one of the biggest breakthroughs in non-invasive aesthetic treatments that infuses hyaluronic acid and peptides deep into the layers of skin, where collagen and elastin help rebuild the dermal fiber network. Client's love this procedure because it delivers an immediate and long-lasting result for wrinkle reduction and improved skin elasticity. 



Most all skin types benefit from the deep hydration and rejuvenation ultrasonic has to offer. This treatment is completely customizable and is suitable for sensitive skin types, redness, and cystic acne. 

Individuals with an implanted pacemaker or shunt, or thyroid disorders are advised against this treatment because of the possibility for disruption from the ultrasound waves emitted during the procedure. 



    An Ultrasonic procedure is painless, relaxing, and is easily worked into any schedule. During the procedure, your Aesthetician will perform cleansing, exfoliating and serum infusion modalities into your treatment. 

    After a skin analysis, your Skin Rejuvenation Aesthetician may perform a light AHA peel, followed by ultrasonic exfoliation. In this mode, sound waves "pressure wash" the skin's surface to clear pores and remove dead skin cells. 

    In mode two, your aesthetician will hydrate and infuse your skin with Opti-C Complex and Rest-N-Restore, massaging your face and moving with the lymphatic system to contour and smooth your skin.  

    In the final phase of treatment, Ageless Peptide+ with deep dermal ultrasound therapy promotes renewal of the dermal fiber network, facilitating collagen and elastin synthesis, and giving a firmer and lifted feel to the skin.

    After an Ultrasonic treatment, you will notice immediate results. Skin will feel smoother, softer, and more hydrated as a result of the exfoliating acids and hydrating ingredients used. You may also notice a slight reduction in puffiness due to the lymphatic drainage. The use of nutrient-rich serums may also temporarily plump up fine lines and wrinkles, lessening their appearance.




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