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Microdermabrasion is a type of professional exfoliation where the skin is abraded and wounded at the microscopic level to plane-down superficial layers of skin cells and encourage collagen synthesis. 

Not all microderm systems are created equally. Professional technology delivers optimal abrasion with the right amount of suction that gives you optimal rejuvenation benefits and at Skin Rejuvenation Clinique, we pre-treat your skin with a light skin peel before administering up to two passes of microderm. An optional treatment boost with A+ Retinol Peel is available for sun damaged skin and acne scar concerns.

The Benefits

  • Stimulate collagen synthesis.
  • Improve the appearance of discolorations and age spots.
  • Improve the appearance of acne scars.
  • Remove dull, dead skin cells to improve radiance.
  • Reduce fine lines and soften wrinkles.
  • Soften and smooth surface texture.
  • Decrease the frequency of acne breakouts and fade post-inflammatory lesions.

How it works.

Skin Rejuvenation Clinique offers two types of microdermabrasion procedures: crystal-free or domain microderm, and traditional corundum crystal microdermabrasion. 

Crystal-free microderm is ideal for normal to dry skin types who want to remove signs of sun damage and discolorations, and reduce the look of lines and wrinkles. In this procedure, a sanitized stainless steel laser cut tip planes-away microns of skin cells and creates wounding at the microscopic level. 

Corundum crystal, or traditional microdermabrasion uses a pressurized flow of micronized crystals to dislodge skin cells and create wounding at the microscopic level. This type of microdermabrasion is ideal for normal to oily, and combination skin types who want to reduce acne breakouts, acne scarring, and post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation (PIH). It's also suitable for sun damage skin concerns who want a more aggressive approach to rejuvenation without the downtime associated with laser procedures. 

Both types of dermabrasion use vacuum pressure during the procedure to assist in the removal of dead skin cells and encourage blood circulation. Bringing blood to the skin's surface helps oxygenate active cells, nourishing and activating cells to facilitate collagen and vital renewal processes, and removes waste from cells.  

During Treatment

Your Skin Rejuvenation Aesthetician will start with a skin consultation and analysis to help determine your unique skin care goals and discuss how the procedure can benefit your skin. 

Before your microderm procedure, your aesthetician will perform a light skin peel to amplify cell processes and de-bond superficial cells, then perform up to two passes of microdermabrasion. After a light extraction treatment, a facial massage is performed, followed by a calming mask and décolleté, shoulder, arm, and hand massage.  

After Treatment

Depending on the treatment administered, it may take up to one week for your skin to recover completely. During the repair/renewal period, you may, or may not, experience slight tingling, itching, burning or tightness of the superficial layers of your skin. These sensations will gradually diminish. Follow these guidelines to help ensure the safest recovery.

24 to 48 hours post-peel 

  • Avoid sun exposure. 
  • No hot tub, steam room or sauna. 
  • No strenuous activities or exercise. 
  • Do not pick, peel, scrape or scratch your skin. 
  • Do not use any retinol products, lightening products, or exfoliating products. 
  • Do not use any hair removal creams or wax over the treated area. 
  • Avoid hair color, perm or other chemical solutions. 

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