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Product Image Ultrasonic for Sensitive Skin

Ultrasonic for Sensitive Skin

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Sensitive skin can be a challenge - it is susceptible to product and/or environmental triggers. But that doesn't mean a sensitive skin can't experience a facial. Everyone deserves to have some Rejuvenation!

Triggers to sensitivity and inflammation can be environmental and/or the results of lifestyle or nutrition. If you have sensitive skin, your first step is to become conscious of your personal inflammatory triggers and try to avoid them. 

There are several different facial options for sensitive skin types - Ultrasonic Rejuvenation is our favorite! We've hand-selected products that are free from artificial colors, fragrances, and sulfates, and are formulated with minimal ingredients, to help reduce an inflammatory reaction in your skin. 

Ultrasonic is ideal because it has a unique "exfoliation" mode that uses pure sound waves to vibrate water molecules and blast dead skin cells off the surface. No chemicals = no irritation. This process also helps loosen compacted pores and make blemish and blackhead extractions virtually pain-free. This is especially beneficial for individuals who have been diagnosed with acne-rosacea. 

After exfoliating your skin, your Aesthetician will use Ultrasonic to infuse your skin with hydration and antioxidants - everything your skin needs to maintain radiance. The "hydration" mode uses pure sound waves with an emulsion of Opti-Renew Complex and Rest-N-Restore. This hydrates your skin and helps protect from UV and environmental damage. Depending on how your skin reacts, your Aesthetician may opt to use our Advanced Repair Serum to your face and penetrate the product into the skin with Ultrasonic. This phase of the facial helps reduce redness and inflammation after the procedure so you have selfie-ready skin - as opposed to red, blotchy skin - when you leave. 

In a full-hour facial, you will receive the benefit of a light facial peel (depending on your sensitivity level), pure Ultrasonic sound wave passes, a soothing Herbal Mask, and relaxing massage. Like all of our facial services, we customize the procedure and products used to your skin's unique needs. 

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