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Skin Types

The four common skin types are normal, dry, combination or oily. Determine your Skin Type by the abundance or lack of oil in your skin. Maintaining a balance is an important characteristic of healthy skin.


Well balanced. Normal skin types have a healthy look and are not oily or dry. The goal for this skin type is to maintain this balance, improve skin radiance and texture with exfoliation and prevent damage from the environment and ultraviolet radiation. Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts offers a variety of solutions to help keep this skin healthy and radiant in all seasons. 


Oil glands are overproducing, resulting in excess shine, a greasy look to the skin and breakouts. Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts offers natural and clinical products that help manage oil production, reduce breakouts and prevent environmental damage.


Characterized by a dull appearance, tight feel and fine lines, dry skin types suffer from natural moisture loss. Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts products are formulated to improve the look and feel of dry skin with a combination of fatty acids and hydrators. These moisturizers dually help fortify the skin as a barrier to the elements with added antioxidant support and improved elasticity.


Commonly referred to as t-zone, combination skin types are characterized as having increased oil and shine from the forehead down the nose and the chin, with dry patches on the cheeks. Balancing combination skin with Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts solutions helps preventing environmental damage, breakouts and blackheads, while refining the look of the pores and improving the look of the skin.