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Skin Concerns

What is your biggest skin care concern? The 6 common Skin Conditions are Aging, Acne, Dehydration, Hyperpigmentation, Rosacea and Sensitive. Conditions can range from mild to severe and should be addressed to help maintain balance. This helps determine the foundation of your regimen.


Generally related to hormonal changes in the body, acne is characterized by the types of lesions it presents, including: papules, pustules, comodones, cysts and nodules. Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts products are formulated to help manage oil production, prevent cellular buildup and decrease the occurrence of breakouts.


A combination of chronic environmental damage and intrinsic aging, this skin condition is characterized as thin, with fine lines and wrinkling, uneven pigmentation, poor elasticity and dryness. Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts skin care products are specifically formulated to promote collagen synthesis, exfoliate and moisturize for improved barrier function and overall vibrant look to the skin.

Your treatment plan is an instrumental part in the rejuvenation process. Schedule a consultation with a licensed aesthetician at Skin Rejuvenation and learn about facial procedures, laser, injections and surgical options available that will put you on the right path to a younger-looking skin.


Skin that lacks essential water and has a cellophane-like appearance to the superficial layers is characterized as dehydrated. Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts skin care products for dehydration focus on exfoliating and adding hydration back into the skin to improve the look of the skin and improve the barrier function.


Uneven skin tone, dark spots or patches of darkened skin are a result of chronic sun damage, melasma, or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. In some cases, this condition may be the result of hormonal fluctuations or trauma to the skin. Understanding the source of hyperpigmentation is important in developing the right regimen and treatment plan for your skin condition. Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts products are formulated to promote and maintain a more even skin tone by suppressing pigment-inducing melanocytes, promoting a more even skin tone and maintaining a more even skin tone.


Flushed skin, redness, acne-like lesions and visible blood vessels on the skin surface may be the result of an underlying condition called rosacea. Early signs of this condition should be managed with simple lifestyle changes that avoid the common triggers of rosacea, including reduced sun exposure, stress, alcohol and spicy foods. Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts skin care products are formulated to promote a balanced regimen and offer anti-inflammatory support, while helping to prevent inflammation and capillary damage.

Sensitive Skin

Characterized and skin that reacts with burning, itching and sometimes inflammation to a variety of topical or environmental triggers; sensitive skin is a surprisingly common condition. Determining the source of irritants can be a challenge and in some cases, it may be a result of treatment, aging, rosacea or a genetic predisposition. Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts skin care products for sensitive skins offer a gentle approach to maintaining optimal skin health and preventing the signs of aging.