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ARC Blemish Control 5% Treatment
ARC Blemish Control 5% Treatment

ARC Blemish Control 5% Treatment

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Works quickly to reduce acne lesions and help destroy p. acnes bacteria on the skin surface. This dermatological-strength formula complements most prescription acne care.   

Benzoyl Peroxide 5% | Acne treatment

  • Dermatological-strength for acne reduction
  • Complements prescription antibiotics
  • Controls oiliness and targets p. acnes bacteria

SIZE: 2 oz


Apply to areas of the face or body that experience breakouts or use as a spot treatment for when acne lesions develop. Individuals with adult acne benefit from using this as a targeted SPOT treatment. It helps reduce acne lesions without drying or sensitizing the overall balance/condition of the face. If you experience redness, irritation or sensitized skin, discontinue the use of Blemish Control. Chronic or inflammatory acne may require a Dermatologist’s care to help improve results and prevent scarring of the skin.

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