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ARC Revit-A-Lift

ARC Revit-A-Lift

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Retinal, a revolutionary form of vitamin A found in Revit-A-Lift, is one conversion step closer to the active form of vitamin A: retinoic acid. As a result, retinal is 11X faster acting than retinol while remaining gentle on the skin. Our new high-potency formula binds this exceptional ingredient with peptides and antioxidant powerhouses to transform skin tone and texture. 

Retinal [Retinaldehyde] 
Resistem + Phytocell Tech [Botanical Stem Cells]
Perfection Peptide  

PERFECT FOR: Stimulating lackluster skin and reducing visible signs of sun damage and aging.

PRO TIP: Active retinal is best used at night and can work wonders for texture concerns when alternated with a glycolic acid AHA at night. Try Rejuvenation 10 or Cranberry Peel.

SIZE: 1 fl oz / 30 mL

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