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Dramatic improvements that can take decades off your look. Replenish volume, smooth wrinkles, even skin tone, and promote collagen. 

Spider veins and varicose veins are common problems for the legs. The good news... medical aesthetics has perfected the practice of improving the look of your legs with sclerotherapy. 

What is sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is a FDA approved medical procedure that is used to treat uncomplicated spider veins and small varicose veins. A highly trained specialist, injects a prescription medicine directly into the vein, causing the treated vein to seal and fade over time. 

How many treatments does it take to get rid of spider veins?

This varies depending on the size of the veins and the extent of spider vein spreads. Most clients take two to four treatment sessions to get to near-complete results. While complete elimination of the veins is not guaranteed, most clients will see significant improvement in the weeks after the first treatment.

How effective is sclerotherapy?

Studies have shown that as many as 50%-80% of injected veins may be eliminated with each session of sclerotherapy. While this procedure works for most people, results may vary and are not guaranteed.

How quickly the vein disappears depends on it’s initial size. Spider veins respond in 3-6 weeks and larger veins respond in 3-4 months. If the veins respond to treatment, they shouldn’t reappear. However, you may have new veins appearing at a similar rate. If need be, you may return for more injections at a later date.

Preparing for your sclerotherapy session

All services at Skin Rejuvenation Clinique are performed in the privacy of a treatment room and administered by a licensed and certified professional. Treatment time is 45 minutes or longer depending on injection site. 

Your injection specialist will gently administer a salt solution, injected through a very fine needle directly into the vein. At this point, you may experience mild discomfort and cramping for one to two minutes, especially when larger veins are injected. No anesthesia is required. Generally, 1 to 3 injections may be necessary. Multiple treatments (if necessary) are booked 1 to 2 weeks apart.


Post treatment, compression stockings should be worn day and night for 2 to 7 daysdepending on the type of veinthen 2 to 3 weeks during the daytime. Compression stockings are designed to apply pressure to your legs, helping to maintain blood flow, and reduce discomfort and swelling. 

You may experience mild side effects after the procedure, such as itching, which can last up to 48 hours post procedure. Raised red areas at the injection site and/or bruising around the treatment area can occur and should fade over a few days (bruising may last weeks).

48 hours post-treatment, avoid:

  • hot baths
  • hot compress
  • whirlpool and saunas
  • direct sun exposure
  • anti-inflammatory drugs (aspirin, ibuprofen, etc.)

Sclerotherapy is NOT for you if you have an allergic sensitivity to the sclerosant, are pregnant, have an infection at the injection site, Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT), and/or severe arterial disease. 

Your San Antonio Facial Injection Specialists

A youthful look is defined by structure: shapely cheekbones, eyebrows that accentuate, large eyes, full lips, and a slender neck -- all of which change as we age. Fortunately, your team at Skin Rejuvenation Clinique has the multifaceted spectrum of care you need to help maintain a more youthful look and age gracefully. 

From injectables to laser, your Skin Rejuvenation Professional can replenish volume, smooth wrinkles, even skin tone, and promote collagen. Depending on the procedure, or combination of procedures, immediate results can last for months with long-term benefits for rejuvenation over years.