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Pro Tips for Sunburn Relief

Pro Tips for Sunburn Relief

Reapplying sunscreen regularly to prevent a sunburn is simple, yet tedious. An occasional sunburn is destined to happen at some point in time. Luckily, with the right care, you can get rapid relief and help heal your sunburn faster. 



UV energy can damage molecules in the skin, most importantly DNA. The release of proteins and enzymes from this molecular damage triggers the inflammatory process and dilates capillaries. It can take up to 6 hours for this response to visibly show as a burn. A bad sunburn can also destroy skin cells–one of the reasons why skin peels afterward.


Sun-avoidance and a cool compress are your first steps to treating your burn. If you’re outdoors and you notice you’re getting sunburn—get out of the sun or cover-up with UPF-rated clothing. A severe sunburn can turn into sun poisoning if you don’t get relief.

Once out of the sun, treat burned areas with a cool compress. This helps reduce swelling, inflammation and pain from the burn. A cool towel or compress will work fine. You may experience more pain with a frozen ice pack. 


The best anti-inflammatory solution for severe sunburn is ibuprofen or aspirin, and a hydrocortisone cream. Aloe cooling gels are never in short supply. Aloe extract helps hydrate and has some anti-inflammatory properties, but the cooling/after sun gels are usually full of synthetic colors and fragrances, and some individuals can have an allergic reaction to aloe. 


Give your skin time to heal and keep it protected with a broad-spectrum sunscreen—remembering to reapply as needed—and keep the burned area covered with UPF-rated clothing if you’re outdoors.

If the burn’s bad enough, your skin will blister and peel. Do not scrape, scratch, or pick at your skin during this phase, it will only prolong the healing process. But you can speed this phase up by applying a healing balm 24-48 hours after the burn took place.


We’re all about smart sun care, but we’re also human and sunburns can happen. Whether your burn is mild or severe, taking the immediate steps to remedy the burn will help you recover faster. 


Advanced Repair Serum is fast at reducing redness and inflammation—especially on sunburned skin. It helps reduce redness and the addition of azelaic acid and licorice root extract helps prevent skin discolorations, age spots, freckles, and melasma. Apply Advanced Repair Serum to clean skin on the face and body as needed for sunburns. 

Post-Peel Recovery Balm can help accelerate healing and repair of blistered and peeling sunburned skin. Apply a light layer over the burned area 24 hours after the burn happened. Don’t apply it immediately, start with a cool compress, take an ibuprofen, and allow the inflammation to subdue before applying Post Peel. 

Sun Protectant has a 13% zinc oxide that shields the skin from UV radiation and contains added safflower oleosomes to help prolong sun protection and deeply hydrate the skin, making it stronger against the environment. 



Note: Severe inflammation, sickness associated with a sunburn, or a sunburn over a large area of the body can be a serious health concern. Consult with a physician if you have any sickness associated with a sunburn.

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