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Mask-ne Relief

Mask-ne Relief

Dealing with skin irritation and breakouts under a mask. 

Wearing a mask may be our new normal, but skin problems associated with them don't have to be. When you wear a mask for long periods of time throughout the day, your skin is subjected to friction, or movement of the mask on your skin, and wetness from condensation buildup as a result of sweat and the air we exhale. 

As a result, the skin can develop acne mechanica, dermatitis, or rosacea -- all of which can be tough to beat. Adding an anti-inflammatory or redness-reducing serum can help mute the impact of inflammatory triggers. Tea tree is another beneficial ingredient that has both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory skin support, and can help reduce breakouts. 

Many of us are experiencing stubborn skin bumps that don't seem to go away. These frustrating little blemishes called Millia are a combination of sweat, dead skin and bacteria. Prevent these tiny nodules with routine glycolic or salicylic acid exfoliation. Book an extraction facial with your aesthetician to address existing ones. She has the tools needed to remove them safely without scarring or bruising your skin. 

Combining mask issues with the inflammatory response of stress hormones, like cortisol, also encourages skin problems. Take some time out of each day to recharge. We suggest putting away the phone, sitting in a calm place, and take time to just breathe and decompress. 


Gentle Cleansing

Keeps the skin clear and contributes to healthy barrier functions. 

Phyto-Soothing Cleanser: A creamy gentle facial wash formulated with amaranth proteins to deliver skin-balancing hydration and anti-inflammatory support. 

Pumpkin Cleanser: Enzymatic exfoliating and texture refining gel facial wash with nourishing fatty acids and shea butter.

Serum / Treatment 

Clarifying and anti-inflammatory support to calm the skin. 

Advanced Repair Serum: All-in-one redness relief formulated with polyphenols to actively reduce inflammation.  

Clearing Complex: Probiotic skin support and exfoliation that clarifies, promotes repair, and decongests pores while you sleep.

Moisture + Hydration

Promotes optimal barrier functions for clear, smooth skin. 

Advanced Recovery Cream: A skin-quenching, nourishing, and anti-inflammatory formulation with ALA, CoQ10, Spin Trap and Omega fatty acids.  

Clearifying Lotion: Antimicrobial hydration formula with tea tree and citrus that reduces breakouts and inflammation.  



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