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Changes you should make to your skin care routine this fall.


A few minor changes to a skin regimen in the fall can help maintain 
healthy, resilient skin through the winter months. 

Switch to a fatty-based ‘C’ serum, like Opti-Renew.

Unlike the active L-ascorbic acid form of vitamin C [found in High-Potent C], ester C ingredients contain an additional fatty-acid that helps slowly-disperse the ingredient through the skin — so your are getting the same benefits of L-ascorbic acid, with additional hydration the skin needs in the cooler seasons. 

Ante-up on your moisturizer.


This skin benefits highly from Advanced Recovery Cream or Regenerating Cream in the fall-winter months. If you're already using this product, boost your hydration with Rest-N-Restore before applying your moisturizer. If severe dry skin is a concern, apply a fine layer of Post Peel Recovery Balm after your moisturizer to help seal-in the benefits and prolong the wear. 


Depending on your preferences, you will benefit from Advanced Recovery Cream or Beta-Carrot Cream with an optional hydration boost from Rest-N-Restore. 


Combining oil-control and acne-fighting ingredients with cool weather leaves your skin very dehydrated, which can worsen breakouts because of poor regeneration and trapped oil. Ultra Hemp Lotion delivers the oil-free moisture and protection your skin needs, or try Beta-Carrot Cream for more intense non-occlusive moisture.

Cystic and comedonal acne skin types can continue to use Clearifying Lotion to manage breakouts, infection and hydration. If needed, you can add Rest-N-Restore to your morning hydration ritual in the fall and winter months to help keep your skin supple and healthy-looking. 

Condition skin daily for optimal product absorption.

Clearifying Toner is a straightforward gly-sal oil-control toner. Most people associate skin toners with drying effects, which is why we’ve labeled Fruitzyme and Pumpkin as Conditioners — there’s nothing drying about them. In fact, they’re infused with ingredients that encourage hydration of the skin and condition the skin optimally for serum absorption and moisture retention.

Pumpkin Conditioner contains pure pumpkin wine and is rich in pumpkin nutrients and enzymes. Fruitzyme Conditioner is formulated with lactic acid and citrus essential oils that refine the pores and optimize absorption. 

Schedule your monthly peel treatments. 

At the end of summer, your skin is experiencing varying degrees of sun damage. Your aesthetician at Skin Rejuvenation Clinique is equipped with over a dozen unique peel solutions that will help you achieve the best result for your skin. 

Fall is also the time you should schedule your laser and IPL packages. These procedures give you the fastest lightening results while firming and reducing signs of aging at the cellular level. If you've never experienced a Profractional laser, Micro Laser Peel, or BBL/IPL treatment, our highly trained laser technicians offer complimentary consultations and can create a treatment plan for your skin's needs. 

Laser and IPL treatment sessions are available at our Sonterra Place and Broadway locations. Call (210) 822-5548 for appointment availability or book online



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