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Ingrown Hair

A blemish that can grow into a big problem, ingrown hairs are not to be taken lightly. Improper prevention and DIY extractions can lead to severe infection and scarring of your skin. 

In order to effectively prevent ingrown hair formation, we must first understand why they occur. Hair grows in cycles. Whether you opt for shaving or waxing for your hair removal, the hair is cut or pulled below the top layer of skin.

Thick, curly hair can curl back down into the follicle. 

Fine hair is not strong enough to break-through the buildup of dead skin. 

Excess oil and dead skin prevent the hair from growing out of the follicle. 

Redness, whiteheads, and swelling are a sign of infection. Do not attempt to extract infected ingrown hairs on your own. Improper technique and tools may worsen the blemish and result in a cyst or systemic infection. Talk to your aesthetician about your ingrown hairs. Every one of our aestheticians are trained in proper extraction procedures and can give you the best solutions for keeping your face, bikini line, buttocks, or underarms clear and confident. 

Home Prevention

Prevent ingrown hair by keeping your skin soft and supple – this means moisturize often – and exfoliate regularly to prevent cellular buildup that may block the hair growth. My favorite product for prevention is Cranberry Exfoliating Peel. It contains an 8% glycolic acid and natural cranberry enzymes to help keep the skin exfoliated and relieve some ingrown hair formation. Just 1 pump of serum to your fingertips applied to the area is all you need. If your skin is more oily, opt for Clearing Complex. It has added salicylic acid to help manage oil production while exfoliating your skin. 

Hair Removal Alternatives

Electrolysis, IPL/BBL, or laser hair reduction are the best measures to eliminate ingrown hairs. Each one of these methods stops the hair cycle and minimizes hair count. IPL and laser have limitations. They work by targeting the melanin in your hair, so hair must be dark in order for the treatment to be effective. These methods should also be performed in the winter and spring – before your skin tans – as it can take around 6 treatments to be effective. 


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