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The Fine Art of Moisture Retention

Winter plagues every man, woman and child with dry skin. Indoor heating units evaporate the moisture from the air and – as soothing as those hot showers are – hot water can strip away your skin’s natural oil. In most cases, your dry skin symptoms may be mild. Having a “tight” feel to your skin, more noticeable fine lines, and dull appearance can certainly take away from a youthful glow. Others may experience more severe dry skin symptoms, like irritation, dehydration, cracking and eczema.

1. Consult with your skin care provider

Is your regimen balanced and are you using the right combination of ingredients for your skin type? In many cases, I see clients using the wrong mix of products on their skin. I believe you should notice a change in your skin when you use your products at home. If your favorite moisturizer is not making the grade – change it. Another product that needs a swap is your vitamin C serum. Use an Ester C (ascorbyl palmitate) like our Opti-Renew C. It helps to firm, tone and build collagen like an l-ascorbic acid with the added benefit of moisture and vitamin E.

2. Exfoliate to eliminate dead skin and dehydration

Removing dead skin cell prevents dehydration and helps your serums and moisturizers penetrate more effectively, producing more desirable results. Alpha hydroxy acids are naturally moisturizing to the skin, help refine the pores, keep skin texture soft and smooth, and promote a more even skin tone. There are many types of beneficial AHA’s, I prefer glycolic and lactic acids for their combined benefits of penetration, exfoliation and moisture capabilities.

3. Use balm in the elements

Severely dry or chapped skin benefits with a light application of Post Peel Balm or Laser Balm over a moisturizer. Be sure to ask your aesthetician at Skin Rejuvenation for a sample, or if you happen to be at the drugstore, Aquaphor (by Eucerin) is a great substitute. These products are especially important if you’re going to be in the elements: skiing, snowboarding, hiking. It puts a protective layer over the skin to prevent moisture loss.

4. Add Rest-N-Restore to your regimen

Hyaluronic acid is a superb skin hydrator and is found in a 10% concentration in our Rest-N-Restore. What makes it so valuable in the winter months? It’s clean formulation makes it easily incorporated into any skin regimen: oily, normal, dry and combination. Apply it before your moisturizer and the remarkable feeling of hydrated skin is instant. It restores the glow, texture and fullness of moisturized skin and helps your moisturizer last longer through the day.

Maintaining skin moisture is vital in the winter and helps keep your skin functioning as a protective barrier to your body. As always, I have a wonderful team of professionals dedicated to giving you the best look of your life and consultations are always complementary at Skin Rejuvenation Clinique.

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